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Types of Tuition

One- to -One tutoring is suitable for students who may be more reserved and prefer a home learning environment in his or her home.

Bronze  One- to- One tutoring is the standard tutoring offered by all tutors. Tutoring is personalised and is dependent on student’s needs. For additional benefits, the Learning Hubs provide Silver, Gold and Gold+ tutoring. These three additional tutoring programmes provide extra One- to- One tutoring benefits which may support your child further.

Although tutoring is carried out in small groups each student has his or her own personalised learning programme. Each student in the group is engaged in independent learning activities as well as in group learning activities.

Tutoring Locations

  • Altrincham
  • Blackburn
  • Bolton
  • Chorley
  • Manchester
  • Preston
  • Stockport
  • Wigan
  • Wilmslow and other areas in the North West.Tutoring can be made available in an area near you.
    Please request for further details on any location not indicated in the list.

Home schooling

If you are home schooling your child, we understand that sometimes you may require additional support to ensure your child receives professional teaching by experienced teachers. The Learning Hubs Ltd will be happy to support you and your child in your home schooling requirements.

Our tutors will work closely with you and your child to guide you through various curriculum specifications. In addition, you can rely on us to provide expert tuition in English, Maths, and Science to enable your child to achieve her/his potential and aspirations.

Tuition support for schools/colleges

Schools and Colleges are under ever increasing pressure to improve achievement and standards. Do you have students who are still not making progress as expected in a class environment?  If so, let The Learning Hubs Ltd support you and your school leadership team to achieve your school targets by providing expert tuition to your underachieving students.

We are a group of experienced teachers who understand the demands and requirements of the English, Maths and Science curriculum. We would be happy to tutor your students in your school or college during school time or after school.

Register your interest by completing this form and a member of our team will get back to you for a further discussion to assess your tuition requirements

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“ Amazing, Bev really helped me to understand where I was going wrong in my Maths. Explained things really clearly and has given me confidence that I will pass my GCSE”

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